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January 28, 2009

Gujba 1000 gram Gujba一零零零克
end cut年终结账

Welcome To Mile High Meteorites! 欢迎哩高陨石!

Mile High Meteorites was established in 1996, one of the first meteorite businesses on the internet and soon became the place where beginning and experienced collectors could purchase rare and exotic meteorites.英里高陨石成立于1996年,第一个陨石企业在互联网上,并很快成为地方开始,经验丰富的收藏家可以购买稀有和异国情调的陨石。
We have served the collecting and museum community- worldwide- through sales, exchanges, donations, and consultation.我们服务的收集和博物馆界,世界上通过销售,交换,捐赠,和磋商。 We thank all of our past customers and welcome all our new ones to the experience of meteorite collecting.我们感谢我们所有的过去的顾客,并欢迎所有的新的经验,陨石收集。

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Meteorite Collection Gallery 陨石标本馆
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Handbook of Colorado Meteorites 手册科罗拉多陨石
Specimen Preparation 试样制备



Imilac 185 gram slice Imilac 185克片

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