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  February, 2018

The massive Russian Meteorite Fall from February 15, 2013



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NEW Bingol (Howardite) ||  fell September 5, 2015, Turkey

This extraordinary fall was tracked by NASA satellites as it entered the atmosphere. The original meteor was estimated to be 50 cm, from the asteroid Vesta 2309. It fragmented at an altitude of about 40 km. 241 stones of been recovered so far.

18.98 gram individual $1900 image 2

17.67 gram ORIENTED individual SOLD image 2 image 3

12.98 gram individual $1300 image 2 image 3

10.51 gram individual $1050 image 2 image 3

6.78 gram individual $680 image 2 image 3

3.91 gram individual $400 image 2 image 3

1.54 gram ORIENTED individual SOLD  image 2 image 3

Bingol meteorite

Bingol meteorite
All these pieces have stunning glossy fusion crust!
    Bingol meteorite
NWA 7034 (Martian Basaltic Breccia) || found 2011, Morocco

The internationally famous “Black Beauty” NWA 7034 is a unique type of Martian meteorite, unlike the other Mars rocks, it is a fragment of the Martian crust. It contains ancient Martian water (6,000 ppm), providing evidence that the mete­orite inter­acted with Mar­t­ian sur­face–or ground-water 2.1 bil­lion years ago.

Furthermore, noble gases that have been measured in NWA 7034 are a match for the NASA Viking Lander measurements of Martian atmosphere.

This mete­orite is unlike any­thing I’ve ever seen before” – Dr. Carl Agee, head researcher at the University of New Mexico

Article about NWA 7034 the “Black Beauty” and another article!

Various small pieces, please inquire!

Berthoud (Eucrite) || fell October 5, 2004, Colorado; 960 grams total weight

After hearing a wooshing sound and a thud, a couple noticed an area where dust kicked up in a near by horse pen. They went to investigate and recovered a beautifully crusted 960 gram complete stone from a shallow impact pit.

These slices are very fragile.

Berthoud Meteorite

This is an incredibly rare offering!

0.41 gram crusted slice $125

1.32 gram crusted slice $400

3.45 gram slice $1035

5.6 gram slice $1680

Santa Vitoria do Palmar (L3) || found 2003, Brazil||

santa vitoria do palmarA large 2.340 kg end cut of the chondrule-laiden Santa Vitoria do Palmar.  The Santa Vitoria do Palmar meteorite was possibly correlated with a daytime fireball in 1997.  Pieces were subsequently recovered in 2003.

The 2.3 kg end cut shown here is likely the largest remaining piece of this meteorite

2.3 kg end section $5500

santa vitoria do palmar

Chelyabinsk (LL5) ||fell 2-15-2013, Russia
These are super fresh pieces of the most witnessed meteorite fall of modern times. The meteor’s explosion shattered windows, knocked down walls and caused  hundreds of injuries.chelyabinsk

16.20 gram individual $324.00

image of other side

49 gram individual $980.00

image of other side

71 gram individual $1065

image 2 image3

Chico (Impact Melt) || found 1954, New Mexico, 105 kg total known weight

ChicoAn outstanding slice from the main mass at the University of New Mexico. Displays beautifully with a highly polished face full of vesicles (gas bubbles), swirly melt and metal blebs. See both photos. Comes with a museum label from the UNM Institute of Meteoritics.

Chico, classified as an L5 Impact Melt, represents the fused and melted rock from an asteroid crater!

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143 gram Chico slice $1200
Claxton (L6) || fell 12.10.1984, Georgia, USA || 1455 gram total weight ||

Claxton meteorite<br /><br /><br />                                             1.74g

Very rare “hammer” stone that is the only meteorite to have ever struck a MAILBOX! This material sold for $1400/gram at a recent Bohnam’s Auction!

0.70 gram slice (slice not shown) SOLD

Cumberland Falls (Aubrite) || fell April 9, 1919, Kentucky, USA || 17 kg total known weight

Cumberland Falls

This is a rarely available Aubrite composed mainly of the mineral enstatite.

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0.86 gram thin slice SOLD

NEW Dar Al Gani 749 (Carbonacous chondrite Type CO3) || found 1999, Libya || 95 kg total known weight

ChicoWell-developed, light colored chondrules stand out in this dark, fine-textured matrix.

6.45 gram slice $150
Estherville (Mesosiderite) || fell May 1879, Iowa ||

A classic American stony-iron, very beautiful and increasingly difficult to obtain.

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38.2 gram slice of a metal-rich nodule SOLD

Gibeon (Iron-IVA) || found 1836, Namibia; >26 tonnes total weight ||

The Widmanstatten pattern of Gibeon is one of the most breathtaking, making it great for jewelry and knife blades.

Click links below for photos Gibeon 173

94 gram slice $250.00

41 gram partial slice $102.00

More slices coming soon.

Johnstown (Diogenite) || fell July 6, 1924, Colorado; 40 kg total weight ||

A super nice slice of Johnstown with crust. The green hypersthene crystals are beautiful!

JohnstownClick links below for photos

3.23 gram slice with crust $630

image 2 of 3.23 gram

1.39 gram slice $278

image 2 of 1.39g

0.295 gram slice SOLD

image 2 of 0.295 gram

0.317 gram slice SOLD

image 2 of 0.317 gram

Mreira (L6) || fell December 16, 2012, Mauritania || ~4 kg total known weight

Super fresh specimens from a new fall. You will love the velvety black fusion crust and striking shocked interior. There is very little of this material available and we purchased some right after the discovery.

Mriera meteorite

15.3 gram end section with shock veins $153.00

image of crusted back

6.1 gram individual $73.00

image of back

4.9 gram individual $59.00

image of back

2.8 gram individual $35.00

image of back

Nuevo Mercurio (H5) || fell 12.15.1978, Mexico ||50 kilograms total weight

Nuevo MercurioThese two fresh pieces are from the Elbert King Collection. You can purchase a single piece or the pair (which fit together like a puzzle).

Click links below for photos

53 gram crusted specimen (on right in photo) $530.00

75 gram crusted specimen (on left in photo) $750.00

128 gram (above 2 pieces that fit together) $1200.00 additional image
NWA 5546 (CV3) || found 2008, Morocco

Very nice chondrules make up this inexpensive carbonaceous chondrite. These slices are not polished because the meteorite “darkens” and the structure disappears. We can polish on request.

11.7 gram complete slice SOLD

More coming soon, please email!

NWA 6355 (Lunar-Melt Matrix Mingled Breccia) || found 2009, Morocco ||

nwa 6355

A single 760 gram complete stone was found in 2009 in Morocco. Only ~300 grams from this mass is publicly available.

A clast-laden vitric breccia consisting of fine-grained mineral debris (pyroxene, olivine, anorthite) and sparse polycrystalline igneous clasts in a heterogeneous, “swirly” glass matrix.

There is a close similarity in bulk chemical composition between this grouping of lunar rocks and Apollo 16 soils.

This is one of the only instances where lunar meteorites can be correlated with materials at a specific landing site on the Moon. – Dr. Anthony Irving, University of Washington

4.43 gram slice  $2,215

 NEW NWA 8609 (Lunar-Feldspathic Fragmental Breccia) || Found 2014, Morocco

A beautiful lunar breccia straight from the Lunar Highlands!

NWA 8609

2.05 gram slice $615

Also available:

4.37 gram slice  $1311

NWA 8609

4.74 gram slice


NEW Ragland (LL3) || Found 1982, New Mexico
Although newly recognized, Ragland was found in 1982 in Quay County, New Mexico.This fragment contains beautiful chondrules with fantastic color!

5.2 gram

second image



Saint-Severin (LL6) || fell 6.27.1966, France || 271 kilograms total weight

Saint Severin This stunning complete slice was cut from the Haag mass that I purchased several years ago. It is a very large slice for weighing only 52 grams. The back side was originally miscut but the front face shows a nice brecciated texture.

52 gram complete slice


Image of back side

Dimensions: 122 mm X 102 mm

 NEW Seymchan (Pallasite) || found 1967, Russia ||

The ever-popular Seymchan pallasite. Affordable and very stable.

Click link below for photos

72 gram slice $864

image through light

78 gram slice $936

image through light

NEW Shelburne (L5) || Fell 1904, Canada || 18.6 kg total known weight

A total of two stones were recovered near Shelburne, Ontario in August, 1904. Witnesses heard a noise they thought to be the shed falling down.  Instead they found a new hole near the shed, from which the smaller stone was recovered.

The 9.2 gram slice to the right displays excellent veining, as well as fusion crust along one edge.

9.2 gram        SOLD

Also available:

9.7 gram  SOLD

1.8 gram    SOLD

Shelburne meteorite

Oriented Sikhote-Alin (Iron) || fell 1947, Russia ||

These are some of THE BEST pieces I have ever offered. Check out the ORIENTATION on some of these!!

Click link below for photos

29.96 gram ORIENTED Dome-Shaped individual with ROLLOVER Lip and FLOW LINES $300.00 picture 2 picture 3

30.66 gram ORIENTED Shield with flow lines and beautiful ROLLOVER Lip $325.00 picture 2 picture 3

Nininger Tektites (Indochinite) || Found 1959, Vietnam

From the Nininger expedition documented in “Find a Falling Star”. Each individual piece has a hand painted sample number and unique shape.

Nininger Tektite

10.67g broken tear shape $107


Nininger Tektite

21.40 g long tear shape


Tissint (Shergottite) || fell July 18, 2011 near Tata, Morocco || 7 kgs total weight

The BEST small individuals of the newest Martian meteorite fall since 1962 (Zagami). These pieces are dripping with glossy black fusion crust and were hand picked to be the best of the best!


0.264 gram complete individual SOLD image of other side

0.117 gram complete individual SOLD image of other side

 More coming soon!
Ucera (H5) || fell 1-16-1972, Venezuela || 4.59 kilograms total weight
Nice crusted slice of a very rare witnessed fall from Venezuela. I purchased a piece from the finder’s daughter about a decade ago and this slice was cut from that piece.Ucera Meteorite

4.68 gram crusted slice

Image 2

Image 3


Whitecourt (IIAB Iron) || found 7.1.2007, Canada || >5.3 kgs total weight
These iron meteorite fragments were found surrounding and within a relatively recent (<10,000 years old) impact crater. Whitecourt Meteorite

All come with Canadian export permits.

67.6 gram fragment $500.00

49.7 gram fragment $367.00