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  February, 2018

The massive Russian Meteorite Fall from February 15, 2013



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World-class specimens for the discerning collector or museum.

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Abbott H3-6 regolith breccia || Found 1951, New Mexico, USA

A nice complete specimen with hand-painted numbers and specimen card from the University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics.

114.92 gram individual


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Abbot meteorite

Belmont (H6) || Found 1958, Wisconsin

Finely prepared slice of the rare Belmont, Wisconsin meteorite.

This slice was cut from the main mass at the Institute of Meteoritics.

The super high gloss polish makes the metalflake and veining “POP” out of the brown matrix. Comes with a printed and painted label from the Institute of Meteoritics.

Belmont meteorite

Belmont meteorite

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232 gram slice


Belmont meteorite

NEW!! Bingöl (Howardite) || Fell September 2, 2015, Turkey

This extraordinary fall was tracked by NASA satellites as it entered the atmosphere. The original meteor was estimated to be 50 cm, from Vesta 2309. It fragmented at an altitude of about 40 km. 241 stones of been recovered so far.

This whole stone shows extremely fresh fusion crust. A one-of-a-kind addition to any collection

642 gram individual

Price on request

Additional image

Additional image

Bingol meteorite

 Bingol meteorite

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Smaller complete specimens available. Please inquire.

NEW!! D’Orbigny (Angrite) || Found 1979, Argentina||16.55 kg total known weight

This end cut came from the single stone originally found in a Buenos Aires corn field. Remarkable display of subophitic texture of  a RARE Angrite!  The piece has many round vesicles and a bit of fusion crust.

71 gram end section SOLD

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Giant Esquel Pallasite Slice (Pallasite)

Found 1951, Argentina

The KING of pallasites!

Beautiful, colorful, and stable. Definitely impressive.

This 5.5 kilogram complete slice will be the highlight of your collection.

Esquel Pallasite

Close-up Image


Please Inquire for Price

Esquel Pallasite

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Etter (L5) || Found 1965, Moore County, Texas, USA

905 gram complete

slice. The blue-green polished face is cut by a web of shock veins and abundant troilite nuggets are also visible. One of the largest slices of this meteorite on the market.


(max.): 17 cm X 10 cm X 4 mm

248 gram slice



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La Lande (L5) || Found 1933 in Baca County, New Mexico||30 kg total known weight

Includes specimen card from the University of New Mexico

80.53 gram slice


image of back of slice


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La Lande meteorite
Leedey (L6) || Fell November 25, 1943, Oklahoma
These slices were originally part of a huge complete slice from the Monnig Collection at TCU. Unfortunately, the slice broke in transport which left a few smaller slices.The larger slice of Leedey has selective fusion crust on one edge and both have a interesting whitish-green matrix.


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23.5 gram slice (top)


7.23 gram slice (left)


Norton County (Aubrite)|| Fell February 18, 1948, Kansas

A rare LARGE piece of Norton County. Comes with University of New Mexico Institute of Meteoritics hand-painted number and label.

See the UNM write-up on Norton County here.

Norton County is the largest achondrite fall in the world.

Norton County meteorite

7.8 gram fragment $275

image of back

The image to the right is a

9.83 gram fragment $345

image of back

Norton County meteoriteClick on image for high resolution version

67.3 gram LARGE fragment


Image of back

A few other pieces available.

Please inquire.

Norton County meteorite

NWA 7493 (Lunar, feldspathic breccia) || Found 2011, Morocco|| 503 grams total known weight
This is an unpaired, beautiful fragmental lunar breccia composed primarily of quenched melt clasts and calcic plagioclase grains. There are numerous scattered olivine and zoned pyroxene grains throughout, rare grains of exsolved pigeonite, ilmenite, Ti-chromite, troilite, silica polymorph and iron metal. Shock melt domains are common  containing plagioclase grains set in a matrix of quench crystals. Also contains lunar “granophyre” clasts.NWA7493

NWA7493Click on image for high resolution version

9.155 gram

complete slice (above)


    8.89 gram complete slice (left) $6225
NWA 7611 (Lunar-Mingled Brecia) || Found 2012, Morocco/Algeria
This unique and amazing slice could be the centerpiece of your collection. NWA 7611 is a fragment of the moon, derived from both the highlands and mare regions. The slice measures a whopping 88mm X 68mm X 3mm and is packed full of exotic lunar minerals such as plagioclase, pyroxene, and olivine.This is one of the most attractive lunar meteorites we have ever offered!44.2 gram GIANT complete slice


NWA 7611 lunar                                             meteorite

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NWA 7755 (Lherzoliotic Shergottite)
The NWA 7755 meteorite was determined to be a type of Martian terrestrial rock called a Lherzolitic Shergottite, which is a cumulate igneous rock (intrusive) and shows affinities toward the Chassignities.According to the Meteoritical Bulletin only 7 Lherzolitic Shergottites are know to exist.7.07 gram slice $3500Back side of 7.07 gram slice

NWA 7755

NWA 7755 Click on image for high resolution version

10.93 gram complete specimen.



NWA 7755

Odessa (IAB Iron) || Found 1922, Odessa Impact Crater, Texas
Odessa meteorites have becomeincreasingly difficult to find inrecent years. We acquiredseveral nice pieces from theUniversity of New Mexico that werecollected by Lincoln LaPaz back inthe 1950’s.

Odessa meteorite

121 gram individual


Odessa meteorite

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166 gram individual


Click for image 2 of 166 gram

Owasco  (L6) || Found in 1984 in Nebraska || 168.4 kg total weight


Olivine-hypersthene chondrite (L6)  

Includes American Meteorite Laboratory specimen card

 Owasco meteorite

Owasco meteorite

67.3 gram end cut


 Seymchan (Pallasite/IIE) || Found 1967, Russia

1,600 gram complete slice of a beautiful

and stable pallasite. Slices this size are very difficult to find!

Dimensions (max.):

16.5″ X 10.5″

1600 gram complete slice


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387 gram complete slice



Shallowater (Aubrite) || Found 1936, Texas, USA

3.86 gram slice of one of the rarest Aubrites.

Comes from the Rob Elliott collection who obtained it from the museum of Natural History – London.

Shallowater meteorite

Shallowater meteorite

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3.86 gram slice

$2500 – New Low Price!